10 Popular Jewelry Trends for 2015

We looked at many sources to let you in on the big jewelry trends for 2015. Here are the Top Ten, compiled from Harper’s Bazaar, JA Report (Jewelers of America), fine jewelry trends for 2015 from the 2015 Oscars, and Runway Trends (from Vogue), among others. So here’s the scoop.

  1. BIG – Big earrings and big everything are everywhere, from runways to the red carpet. You’ll see this reflected in over-sized gold hoops, stacked gold bangles and chokers. Smooth gold and brass are materials of choice. We found a great Over-sized Jewelry Pinterest board.
  2. Chunky – Bracelet cuffs and ear cuffs, and huge floral crystal statement pendants are on runways for Spring 2015.

    From Fashionisers.com
    From Fashionisers.com


  1. Top Colors – “Marsala” is the 2015 Pantone color of the year. It is being reflected in trend jewelry. Think rubies and garnets. Also, five of Pantone’s top ten colors for Spring are in the blue and blue/green families. So you’ll be seeing lots of turquoise, sapphire and aquamarine. Rare and little-before-seen gems are popping up, too.

Garnet and Diamond Ring


  1. Chokers – Chokers are back and can be seen in leather collars, heavy metals and gems. All are big and chunky.


  1. Combination Materials – Fabric and metals are being combined or layered, such as fur, skin and feather additions to metal bracelets and necklaces. Jewelry embellishments can be found on gloves and handbags, too.

Woven chain gloves

  1. Gothic Renaissance, Cosmic , Futuristic, Hippie – Skulls, punk rock and religious themes are back in darkened or blackened and textured and open work metals. Cosmic and futuristic themes (stars, sky and space) are the opposite in heavenly colors like white gold, platinum, silver, moonstone and girls’ -best-friend diamonds. Hippie chic is earthy with lots of or big chunky beads.
  1. Singular Sensation – One big earring, usually geometric in shape, is making statements all over.
  1. Mismatched –“Mismatched” is an interesting and unbalanced look in color, shape or length. The idea is beauty in irregularity.

Mismatched jewelry

  1. Top fashion trends of 2015 also show us the prominence of “Estate” jewelry – Check out Grandma’s jewelry box. Look for detailed settings and romantic pieces with mixed gems, jewels, pearls and metals all together.
  1. Sport and tough jewelry – Wear these to showcase your inner (or outer) strength – spikes, big chains, knuckle rings, skulls, handcuffs, razors and leather.

Which Watch Will You Wear?

Purchasing a watch today deserves a little research beforehand. With so many different watch types available, you’ll be happy you did. A good choice will become an integral part of your day. There are quartz watches and mechanical watches, which differ in their movements. There are “purpose” or sport watches, such as divers’ watches or pilots’ watches. And there are styles of watches such as luxury or chronograph. They can also be analog or digital or analog/digital.

Analog, Digital, Analog/Digital

Hour and minute hands define an analog watch. They use numbers, Roman numerals or some other marker. This is the classic watch. It can be worn for casual, formal or business affairs, or anything in between.

Digital watches have an LED or LCD display in numeric form, such as 12:15. They are more casual.

Analog/digital watches have both an analog and digital face. They are good for daily wear, but usually are too casual for more formal functions.


Mechanical movement watches are powered by an array of gears and springs. They come in manual winding or automatic winding. The manual mechanical watches need to be hand-wound about every forty hours. The automatic is self-winding, and all you need to do is wear the watch. They can gain or lose about ten seconds per day. The automatic should still be hand-wound every two weeks if worn daily, and twice per week if not worn daily. This will keep the mainspring tight, thus keeping it from getting too far off accurate.

Quartz movement watches are reliable for accuracy, and you don’t have to worry about any kind of winding or wearing for it to work well. A quartz crystal is activated by a battery causing vibrations that cause a computer chip to drive an electronic motor that moves the watch’s hands.

“Purpose” and Sport Watches
Chronograph & Sport Watches
Cardow’s Different Watch Types

Divers’ watches can stand the pressure of deep sea diving to depths of 2000 meters. They are water-resistant, with a feature showing how much oxygen is remaining in your tank. They usually glow for easy readability.

Pilots’ watches meet the navigational needs of pilots. They can perform all fight plan requirements.

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches usually have handcrafted details and may incorporate precious gems and costly materials. They are a favorite among collectors. Diamond watches are ever popular. Rolex is a familiar name in this category.

Chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches are multifunctional and can have quartz or mechanical movement. They contain two or three sub-dials that measure hours, minutes and seconds. Chrono watches also have a stopwatch feature.

Chronometer Watches

Chronometer watches are tested and certified to meet precision requirements by an official and neutral body, such as the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC). Chronometers were especially important in 18th century marine and celestial navigation. Today’s watches have made mechanical chronometers obsolete for time-keeping in science and industry. Most custom watchmakers still make them, but they’re considered status symbols (i.e. Rolex).

So, what watch will you wear? Determine your criteria for use, and pick the one you like best!