One of the main reasons locals and vacationers come into our stores in St. Thomas is to buy unique watches. Our Virgin Island watches were made right here on-island, and we are excited to offer them for sale on our website.

Cardow brand watches display the U.S. Virgin Islands as part of the watch face, making them unlike any other designer out there. Check out our steel watches for women, like the Queen Lady's Island Racer 3 with the islands as the three chronograph eyes. The Carib watch is a matching men's version. We offer many other chrono watches for men, too.

Much of Cardow brand timepiece jewelry is unisex, coming in one of three sizes. Depending on wrist size, not all watches may fit you like you envision. We've labeled the larger-sized timepieces as "Men's", but about half of the purchases of these watches are actually for women. Please contact us with any questions.