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Due to the pandemic, we will be available Tuesday to Saturday  at 340-776-1140

Enjoy even better discounts by phone or by email. Our hours are Thursday to Saturday 10-5 pm. Our store hours are Friday to Saturday 10-4 pm. Tune in on Facebook Live for our clearance sales, every day Thursday to Saturday. 

Please be well and we look forward to serving you by phone or with masks in the near future! 

Our Story

Cardow Jewelers was first opened in 1954 by William Dowling as a store for travelers. Eight years later, Mr. Dowling formed a partnership with Claude Caron and created the name, “Car” for Caron and “Dow” for Dowling. 


In the early years, the store specialized in perfumes, gifts, and jewelry. However, after that partnership, the store began to focus on jewelry alone. Pictured to the left, Mr. Dowling continued with the company until his death in 2003 and remained one of the most unassuming and well-loved entrepreneurs in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


His Cardow legacy survives as one of the oldest single family-run local jewelers in the Caribbean by his godson and by the third generation, pictured as children in the office, to the right. 





Designed in the Virgin Islands exclusively by Cardow Jewelers, the original Island Jewelry collections offer a unique, high quality memento of your journey through the Caribbean. Each handcrafted product has a cutout profile of the three US Virgin Islands— cosmopolitan St. Thomas, historic St. Croix and pristine St. John.

The flagship store in Charlotte Amalie covers over 6,000 square feet of jewelry. Most of our collections are one of a kind and cannot be featured on the website. Visit us or call us for a consultation on our world-famous collection of sapphires, diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.  

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Designed and assembled locally, our best sellers are the Virgin Islands Watches VI Pro Diver Collection. Every detail of this watch, from the Sapphire Crystal to the Superluminova markers, contributes to this precise luxury sport timepiece perfect for deep sea diving in the Caribbean waters. 

Cardow jewelers hosts the largest selection of 14k gold jewelry in the Virgin Islands. Find the best prices on gold chains, gold bracelets, anklets, gold earrings, charms, and pendants. 

Get hooked on the Caribbean bangle. Started in St. Croix, this versatile hook bracelet is a local staple for men and women. If you are single, wear the open hook towards your hand. If you are taken, wear the hook towards your heart. 


Travel anywhere in the world, the hook bracelet symbolizes an unspoken bond to the Virgin Islands. 

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 Cardow Jewelers has a dedicated team of experts who choose diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewelry in the most current styles. Because Cardow manufactures most of its jewelry designs, the prices are very affordable.


The website showcases a few of our island-style jewelry but we have one of the largest selections of jewelry under one roof in our main Main Street location. 


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Can't connect? Send us an email customerservice@cardow.com


Monday to Sunday 9:30 -4:15

Crown Bay is open only on ship days. 

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